Methane Emissions Quantification and Natural Gas Leak Detection Platform for Oil and Gas Operators
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Alnoor Ebrahim
Alnoor Ebrahim
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Oil and gas operators are moving towards implementing comprehensive methane reduction programs. However, quantifying methane emissions has proven challenging due to lack of cost-effective technology, methods, and other things.

Southern Cross’ Advanced Methane Emissions Quantification and Leak Detection platform (AMLD) is mounted with highly sensitive methane/ ethane mid-infrared sensors measuring in parts per billion (ppb). Using advanced analytics, this platform is a fast, cost-effective, and proven method of identifying natural gas leak indications over large areas and quantifying emissions flow rates. After data collection, sophisticated data analytics are used to estimate natural gas locations and emission flow rates by identifying methane and ethane readings that are elevated above background. Additionally, spatial analyses check for locational consistency, and ultimately output a gas indication, containing a weighted centroid of detection, along with emission estimates for potential natural gas leaks.

The data and models enable uncertainty quantification of emissions estimates and discrimination between natural gas and non-natural gas methane sources. Emissions estimates can be derived at various spatial scales, from point source leak indications to total emissions estimates over an entire survey area. The data and insights obtained with this method can be used for multiple purposes including compliance leak surveys, augmentation data in pipe replacement programs, investigating locations of the potential leak sources (and ultimately grading them), leak repair programs (LDAR), “high or super-emitters” identification / repair, and overall aid to corporate methane reduction initiatives.

Southern Cross is using this technology in a number of its natural gas utility clients and is unique in this respect as it offers this AMLD technology to utilities of all sizes as an outsourced solution. Southern Cross shares and supports all global initiatives for methane reduction programs and safety mandates to reduce methane emissions, protect people and enable environmental stewardship.

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