New polyurethane-based coating material – fit for pipelines
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Rainer Kuprion
Rainer Kuprion, Timon Rossa
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Long lasting corrosion protection is one of the most crucial issues in the whole pipeline industry. Along with excellent anti corrosion properties, the coating of pipelines must fulfill international standards to ensure the safe operation of a pipeline. Additionally, modern paint products must offer an easy application to the painters, in term of safe and time saving properties.
In Summary: The correct coating system along with the equivalent application has to be carefully selected, since it not only protects a pipeline from aggressive corrosion, but supports in extending its life time value, and makes application faster and easier.

The paper points out the advantages of the unique, polyurethane based, solvent free formulation, which is offering all these benefits to the whole pipeline construction sector:

It fulfills the international standards, like

  • AWWA C222-18,
  • DIN 3476-2,
  • DIN EN 10290
  • DIN EN ISO 21809-3

As result of these efforts, TIB’s PROTEGOL 32-60 is an „all-round“ solution for the pipeline network: pipes, bends, fittings & valves , for coating of transmission pipelines, compressor stations in the factory and in

the field, for coating of long distance pipelines as well as small sections.

The long term experienced R&D Team of TIB, located in Mannheim, managed to create a product that combines properties and benefits that are needed to shift the coatings of pipelines to a new level:
easy & safe application, long lasting corrosion protection, fulfillment of international standards.

Key Words: Polyurethane, Pipeline Coatings, Corrosion Protection, Standards; Application methods: Airless - Spray, Cartridge

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