Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) Next Generation

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01 Aug 2017
Peter Veenstra
Peter Veenstra
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The Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) Association develops and advances global pipeline data standards and best practices supporting data management and reporting for the oil and gas industry. This presentation will present an overview of the PODS organization including a detailed overview of the PODS Next Generation (Gen) data model and data exchange specification. The Next Gen data model is designed to be the system of record for pipeline centerlines and pressurized containment assets for the safe transport of product. PODS Next gen was designed to allow pipeline operators to: Achieve greater agility to build and extend the data model, responding to new business requirements, interoperate through standard data models and consistent application interface, share data within and between organizations using well defined data exchange specifications, provide a Intuitive framework includes clear and concise guidance and specifications, contain a set of well-defined rules to document content, structure, and editing of data and lastly, to optimize performance for management of bulk loading, reroute, inspection data and history. The presentation will outline the physical structure of the model, the document describing the model, the industry standard relational data base management implementation patterns that the model will support including how Next Gen is aligned with Esri’s ArcGIS for Pipeline Referencing (APR). The PODS Next Gen standard is transformational, simplified and intends to define a standard for storing and managing pipeline data that is easy to understand, simplified, rigorously documented and makes use of current technology.

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