Potentials of No-Dig Rehabilitation Technologies for Hydrocarbonate Pipe Systems
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Rainer Hampel
Rainer Hampel
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Rabmer is an international group with its headquarters in Austria. Originally working in the field of building construction and civil engineering, in the middle of the 80s NO DIG Technologies for pipe rehabilitation have been developed. In the mean time Rabmer has become one of the market leaders in Europe in this sector, having its subsidiaries in Hungary, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania and Turkey.
The presentation has the target to give the audience an overview about the status quo of technologies in the field of pipe rehabilitation without excavation, their advantages compared with classic pipe renewal methods as well as the existing quality standards in this field.
Based on Rabmer´s experience of more than 200 projects per year in the
•    oil-
•    water-
•    waste-water and
•    gas sector,
different methods will be explained for the inspection, cleaning (high pressure cleaning, pig cleaning), partial reparation (e.g. robot-technology) and, as major part of the presentation, the structural renovation of pipelines (e.g. Close Fit Technology or CIPP - systems)

A focus will be set especially on the specific issues regarding pressure pipes (mechanical requirements) and the required quality standards for gas pipes (e.g. special developed inner layers based on PE), water pipes (certification for drinking water) or oil pipes (e.g. long lasting chemical resistance).

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