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Title Presenter Company Conference
An Innovative New Technology for Trenchless Rehabilitation of High Pressure Gas/Liquid Transmission Pipelines Dr. Melvin F. Kanninen United States Smart Pipe Corporation 3rd Pipeline Technology Conference 2008
Evaluation of a Self-Healing Visco-Elastic Pipeline Coating for On- & Offshore Critical Objects Dr. J. F. Doddema Netherlands Seal For Life Industries 5th Pipeline Technology Conference 2010
Fighting Corrosion on an Ageing Pipeline Markus Seitz Australia APA Group 11th Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Identification of Potential Savings and Rehabilitation Measures in the Application of a Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS) Christian Veenker Germany Dr.-Ing. Veenker Ingenieurges. 5th Pipeline Technology Conference 2010
Lifetime benefits from different defect assessment methods Wolfgang Schmidt Germany TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service 6th Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
New Permanent Rehabilitation Solution for Liquid and Gas Pipelines Rolf Roßmann United States T.D. Williamson 7th Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
Parameters & Survey Techniques Used for Operating and Maintaining the Integrity of 55 Years Old High Pressure Thin Walled Seam Welded Gas Pipelines Mustafa Abdulla Pakistan Sui Southern Gas Company Limited 2nd Pipeline Technology Conference 2007
Potentials of No-Dig Rehabilitation Technologies for Hydrocarbonate Pipe Systems Rainer Hampel Austria Rabmer Bau & Installations GmbH & CoKG 1st Pipeline Technology Conference 2006
Practical Aspects for the Development of Rehabilitation Strategies for Ageing Onshore Pipelines: A Case Study David Coley United Kingdom OPA-The Oil and Pipelines Agency 6th Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
Rehabilitation of 32” Gas Pipeline in a most Cost Effective ways K. P. Sharma Kuwait Kuwait Oil Company 6th Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
Rehabilitation of pipelines, an evaluation of technologies Dr. Jojanneke van Vossen Netherlands KWR Watercycle Research Institute 12th Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Study of Subsea Pipeline Rehabilitation Strategy in Mature Field by Using Infield Liner Method for Capex And Opex Optimization Hanto Yananto Indonesia PT Pertamina Hulu Energi Offshore North West Java 12th Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Sustainable Rehabilitation of Supply Pipelines applying Trenchless Replacement (Static Pipe Bursting) or Close-fit Lining (Pipe Reduction) methods Björn Freimuth Germany TRACTO-TECHNIK 9th Pipeline Technology Conference 2014
Understanding Structured Light 3D Technology For Use in Pipeline Defect Analysis Joe Summa United States Technical Toolboxes 9th Pipeline Technology Conference 2014

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