Rehabilitation of 32” Gas Pipeline in a most Cost Effective ways
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K. P. Sharma
K. P. Sharma
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Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) is one of the leading crude oil producing countries in the Middle East. It was established in the year 1934 and is estimated to hold 9.5% of the world’s oil reserve.

As a part of Pipelines Integrity Assessment Programs, the intelligent ultrasonic inspection pigging of the 32” HP gas transmission pipeline (built in the year 1979) was conducted in the year 2002. This was first of its kind in KOC and it revealed significant external corrosion especially at the bottom portion of the pipeline making the operation of the pipeline at its maximum operating pressure unsafe. In order to ensure the integrity of the pipeline and its safe operation, it became necessary for the Company to either replace the pipeline or rehabilitate the pipeline.

The subject case study highlights the following aspects:
  • Analysis of the options: Replacement vs. Rehabilitation.
  • Adoption of the most economical methods for prolonging the life of the pipeline.
  • Minimizing the down time of pipeline.
  • Rehabilitation of the pipeline in a safe way under extreme and adverse weather conditions prevailing in the Middle East.

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