Q.C.M. (Quality Control Management) : Digitalization of the monitoring of the Pipeline construction.
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Julien Beaufils
Léna Muscillo, Julien Beaufils, Corentin Babin
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Q.C.M. (Quality Control Management) : Digitalization of the monitoring of the Pipeline construction.

Pipeline constructions are submitted to technical and regulatory obligations to allow their commissioning and to insure the network security.

Since 2012, we assist our clients in the biggest French projects thanks to our expertise in the quality of constructions.

Our feedback allowed us to notice that the quality assurance process on these construction sites could be optimized and secured thanks to an app.

The demands and the conformity criteria are pre-established in the system and the construction data are directly entered on the site.

The app can be used on tablet, phones and computers. It allows to instantly record and control all the construction data and to establish monitoring reports, statistics and production progress.

The differences measured between the entry data and those of the construction are analyzed by the app and notified to the operator for an immediate action.

All the steps of pipe construction are concerned: self-testings and welding notebooks are filled automatically by the app thanks to the data entered on the site.

All the information are available anytime, anywhere, with protected individual access configurable according to the role and responsibility of each.

The entry in this app allows to ensure the construction conformity, to access the construction data, to make information feedback more reliable, to secure sensitive data, to reduce the site/office trip and to get rid of paper.

In this era of technological mutation, the digitalization by this app is obvious. Q.C.M. is LogIC(al)!

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