LOGIC is a company founded in 2012 by Léna MUSCILLO, its current CEO. LOGIC specializes in providing organizational, technical, and regulatory support for the construction of facilities for the transport and storage of pressurized fluids (such as oil, gas, nitrogen, etc.).

Main activities of the company :

- Equipment management,
- Welding and quality management,
- Preparation of technical and regulatory documentation.

The company's objective is to ensure traceability, quality, and compliance of facilities for its clients.

For the past 11 years, we have been involved in important pipeline constructions (1,100 km), assisting our clients in ensuring compliance with their facilities. These projects include the "Renforcement Bretagne Sud" (98 km Nominal Diameter 400 mm), "Val de Saône" (188 km ND1200), "Arc De Dierrey" (310 km ND1200), and "Haut de France" (173 km ND1200) for operators such as GRTgaz, and constructors such as SpieCapag, DENYS, Max Streicher, and Eiffage.

Since 2012, we have applied our values, skills, and determination for the benefit of our clients, becoming more than just a partner in the success of their projects.

In 2017, we integrated the principles of the ISO 9001 v.2015 standard into our organization and obtained the associated certification, followed in 2021 by the ISO 45001 certification for our safety management.

As an SME, LogIC commits to being agile, high-performing, and innovative, meeting the needs of clients and surpassing market expectations.