Re-coating of oldest pipeline @Bolivia GSCY (24" x 540 km)
Jaime Portugal Zeballos
Jaime Portugal Zeballos
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Bolivia is situated in South America, our mainly activity is transport Natural Gas from the main areas in Bolivia to external markets like Brazil, Argentine, etc. We have a main pipeline its name es GSCY (Santa Cruz - Yacuiba Gasoducto), it pipeline was builded many years ago (50 years old aproximetly). After to make  some studies like (DCVG), CIS and ILI. We are working in reparir all identifies defects on the coating that work is very diffcult mainly because the pipeline has at 24" of diameter and 540 kilometers of length.

The company that operate this pipelines is YPFB TRANSPORTE S.A. (, that operate more than 12.000 kilometer of pipelines that transport differente products (natural gas, oil, gasoline, GLP, etc.).

We face the repairs as a project, because the quantity of defect are a lot, and the amount will increase over of 30 MMUS$, it is one particularity.

Other particularity is that we use two types of coating, of differente brand. one of USA and other of Canada, both have specific advantanges and disvantanges, in relation with quaility, velocity of make, performance, etc.

We use many cutting edge technologies in order to measure the wall tickness in order to repair the metal loss defects (Scan to calculate ERF).

We think that the knowledge that we acquire in this project has a lot of lesson learned and thumb of rules, and we want to share all aspecto to this conference.

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