Reflection on Test Pressure Exposure for Submarine Pipeline Systems
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Leif Collberg
Leif Collberg, Jean Malnory
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The pressure test requirements vary from code to code, but all codes require a pressure test after completed installation of the submarine pipeline system. Should the test period be held two hours (ASME B31.8), four hours (ASME B31.4), eight hours (API 1111 and ISO 13623) or 24 hours (DNV-ST-F101 and BS-PD 8010-2) and at which pressure level? It is identified that the regulations agree well on the purpose and the general principles of the system pressure test but show quite large differences in holding times, test media, acceptance criteria etc. E.g., some codes allow pressure testing by use of liquid hydrocarbons, and some codes allow pressure testing by air! While most American codes do not any specify acceptance for the pressure test, DNV-ST-F101, BS-PD 8010-2 and ISO 13623 have all acceptances criteria for the system pressure test, although different criteria.

The paper will present the pressure test requirements from the various codes, indicate differences and propose a way forward.

In the context of the differences between codes and apparent lack a consistent philosophy behind the pressure test requirements this presentation intends to explore pressure exposure effects and rationalize on the holding time by proposing a split of the later to allow for:

  • the development of potential defect and,
  • their detection.

The audience of participants of the conference will be consulted along the presentation to get the pulse of the industry on the discussed subjects.

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