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Title Presenter Conference year
How Two Gas Network Operators Prepared for the Energy Transition by Automating Key Network Analysis Functions Duncan Smith ptc 2023
Conversion process of the existing natural gas pipelines. Non-compliance with the ASME requirements and possible mitigation measures Victoria Monsma ptc 2023
A Critical Review of Pipe-Soil Interaction Modelling Approach in Organic Soil Dr. Kshama Roy ptc 2023
Challenges of converting existing natural gas network including high grade steel pipelines for hydrogen service Victoria Monsma ptc 2022
Material Selection and Integrity Assessment of Sour Gas & Hydrogen Pipelines Jens Tronskar ptc 2022
Building a Web App that uses models to predict optimal future gas network states for managing nominations and equipment outages Christopher Davison ptc 2022
Safely repurposing existing pipeline-infrastructure for CO2 transport – Key issues to be addressed Bente Leinum ptc 2022
Reflection on Test Pressure Exposure for Submarine Pipeline Systems Leif Collberg ptc 2022
Hydrogen network readiness Victoria Monsma ptc 2021
NORPIPE – freespan remediation in the German Wadden Sea Achim Birk ptc 2020
Experience with lined and clad pipelines Asle Venas ptc 2020
Pipeline Girth Weld Strength Matching Requirements William Bruce ptc 2020
Risk Assessment of Pipelines Exposed to Geohazards Dr. Jens P. Tronskar ptc 2020
Internal corrosions in oil and gas transport pipelines Mina Khoda Karami ptc 2019
Condition Assessment For Optimizing Gasunie’s Network Improvement Program (GNIP) Karen van Bloemendaal ptc 2018
Optimizing Your Asset Replacement Strategy Huub Roeterink ptc 2018
System pressure test for offshore pipelines - Are there alternatives? Asle Venas ptc 2018
Statutory Aspects of a Pipeline Landfall in Germany - The Role of the Technical Expert among various overlapping Rules and local German Regulations using the example of the Nord Stream 2 Project Florian Dinauer ptc 2017
Practical guidelines to mitigate flow induced failures Eddie Achterkamp ptc 2017
"Live" Repair of Gas Pipeline Leaks Asle Venas ptc 2017
Asset Integrity Management and the Dilemma of maintenance planning Christoph Schmidt ptc 2016
CATES (Consequence Assessment Tool for Emergency Situation) Olivier Baldan ptc 2016
Novel minimally-disruptive mitigation methods for pipework vibration issues Dr. Toby Miles ptc 2016
Risk Based Technical Assurance of Deepwater Pipelines Asle Venas ptc 2015
MARV Multi-Analytic Risk Visualization tool Asle Venas ptc 2015
How to Prioritize Gas pipeline Threats? An Example of an ASME B31.8S Approach Related to Transporting Unconventional Gases Martin Hommes ptc 2014
Asset Integrity Management - a Risk Based Approach Dave Oesterholt ptc 2014
Prioritizing threats in gas pipeline systems - An example related to transporting renewable and unconventional gases Martin Hommes ptc 2013