Safety assessment offshore hydrogen pipelines
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Dr. Jan Fredrik Helgaker
Jan Fredrik Helgaker, Sondre Bergem Sørheim, Leif Collberg, Erling Østby, Asmund Huser
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As part of the energy transition, hydrogen represents a low-carbon energy carrier and is an alternative to traditional fossil-based fuels in essential sectors, such as aviation, shipping and heat-intensive industrial processes. Pipelines are predicted to play a key role in transporting hydrogen from production sites to end consumers. Although there is some experience from onshore hydrogen pipelines today, it should be recognized that offshore hydrogen pipelines are new to the industry. The H2Pipe joint industry project is developing standards for offshore hydrogen pipelines, focusing on structural integrity, material challenges and safety. The scale of the future hydrogen society will be determined by success in demonstrating safety. This paper presents safety considerations of offshore hydrogen pipelines, and what impact it may have on design and operation.

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