"Live" Repair of Gas Pipeline Leaks
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Asle Venas
Asle Venas, Jens P. Tronskar, Lee Chon Gee
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Offshore pipelines are exposed to many treats and fails from time to time. Such failures represent a major risk for offshore pipeline operators in terms of safety, pollution as well as significant financial risk due to loss of production. Another major risk and challenge is the time and cost to repair the pipeline that have failed. The time is always very critical and if the water depth exceeds diving depth diver-less repair systems will be required. Such systems are not off the shelf systems and require a lot of tailor-made qualification for the pipeline and on site requirement. DNVGL has been engaged in many offshore (both shallow water and deepwater) pipeline repair and qualification projects. Also live pipeline repairs. DNVGL has also been working with the leading pipeline operators to develop and qualify new deep-water pipeline repair systems. This paper presents the challenge and risk related to offshore pipeline failure and repair. It identify and present the main repair systems available to the industry today and what will be developed for the future. It further describes advantage and dis-adventive with the different systems. DNVGL also have issued the only offshore pipeline repair guideline DNV-RP-F113, Pipeline Subsea Repair that can be downloaded from our web site without any cost. This RP is in the process to be updated and the paper will outline the update.

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