Risk Based Inspection Implementation for A Pipeline Network With Limited Data
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John L. Tischuk
John L. Tischuk
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The present article accounts for the recent RBI implementation for a complex pipeline network in the Far East with facilities and components varying from new to 30 years old.

The purpose of the project was to develop a risk assessment in order to implement an integrity inspection program over a three year period for a network with minimal information available for construction, process and inspection history. A qualitative approach, based on T-REX® Pipelines software, was deemed appropriate in order to carry the risk assessment without detailed technical data. The RBI work was carried out by a slim work team who did an initial risk assessment using the available data and thus developed an inspection plan focused on the high-priority components.

Inspection would then generate precious technical data for updating the risk assessment. The risk reassessment would then be used to update the inspection plans and fine tune the priorities of the maintenance works.

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