Successful Detection and Sizing of Girth Weld Metal Loss Features
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Christoph Seeber
Kerstin Munsel, Sayan Pipatpan, Christoph Seeber, Christiane Rahner, Thomas Meinzer
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One of the strengths of the ultrasonic technology (UT) for metal loss is the reliable detection of metal loss features in and around girth welds. Features in the heat affected zone (HAZ) or directly in the girth weld can often be identified without any issues.

However, compared to the data acquisition in straight parts of a pipe joint, a proper detection and recording of girth weld features strongly depends on the nature of the girth weld e.g., its texture and finishing. These conditions may have different degrees of influence on the passage of a sensor carrier when crossing a girth weld.

Objectives of this paper are to show on the one hand the impact of the girth weld characteristics on data recording and data analysis of metal loss indications. On the other hand, how diverse the spectrum of external and internal metal loss anomalies, partly with severe depths, in and at girth welds can be, and they can be identified during data analysis.

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