Ultrasonic Phased Array Crack Detection Accuracy Update
Proceedings Publication Date
Achim Hugger
A. Hugger, D. Allen, I. Lachtkouk, P. Senf
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This paper provides the results of two dig verification programs carried out in 2008, based on the inspection reports of GE’s inline inspection (ILI) tool using ultrasonic Phased Array sensors. The specialties in the related inspection programs were the large number of defects and their elaborate measurement in the field. Furthermore, in one of these inspections, a conventional ultrasonic crack detection tool was running simultaneously. This allowed a direct comparison between the Phased Array technology tool and a crack detection tool using single crystal oscillator transducers.

In 2005, GE introduced the first Phased Array ultrasonic inline inspection tool into the market. Before that, it (as Pipetronix and PII) rolled out the first tools for ultrasonic wall thickness measurement in 1985, for ultrasonic crack detection in 1995 and for crack detection inck-like defects were excavated based on the inspection report. The defect sizes were also evaluated by grinding.

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