The Virtual Pipeline - Pipeline Management in the 21st Century
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Andrew Wilde
Andrew Wilde
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The demands placed on Oil, Gas and Product transmission companies today to perform in a safe and efficient manner have major implications for the organisation and operation of the transmission company as a whole. The business of producing and delivering oil, gas and products to the consumer is a complex process involving many different companies, departments or organisations. From the exploration and production companies the product is delivered to the processing plants; the processed product is then transported via a high-pressure transmission system to a variety of domestic and industrial consumers through local distribution systems.

In some cases this process can be controlled by a single organisation. However, in order to promote competition, legislation has led to the de-regulation of pipeline companies systems in many countries around the world.

In order to manage this process companies generally either amassed or inherited an abundance of systems and applications usually bespoke developments provided by in-house departments. In order to address these challenges Advantica have developed a vision of a fully integrated approach to gas management, which integrates the business, operational and asset management requirements of an organisation. Utilising advanced simulation based tools Advantica utilises a “Virtual Pipeline” where all aspects of a pipelines current and future operations can be simulated, providing unprecedented current and future information on the pipeline, a veritable “Crystal Ball” for planners and operators a like. This approach combines contracts, trading, nominations, demand forecasts, and market data with current and future hydraulic states, enabling the user to build an operational plan in a single virtual environment, where all data may be shared securely and reliably with the rest of the organisation.

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