What’s your purpose? Reusing gas infrastructure for Hydrogen transportation and storage!
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Winifred Meester
Harrald Groniger, Winifred Meester
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Existing gas infrastructure plays an essential and important role in today’s energy transition for the transport and storage of Hydrogen. Studies show, natural gas infrastructure can be economically utilized for the transport and cavern storage of Hydrogen in future decarbonized energy systems. Repurposing existing pipelines and underground storage infrastructure is very cost-efficient and can keep future energy prices low and affordable.

Intero Integrity, as a global service provider, help infrastructure owners overcome the challenges they face with their infrastructure transformation journey. We have developed and utilized innovative mechanical and chemical cleaning technologies to improve the cleaning operations of oil and gas pipelines and accompanying process systems for reuse purposes.

Pipelines by definition are all unique. Therefore, we deliver customized solutions gained through deeper insights. In close consultation with the Client a cleaning program will be engineered in the most cost effective way and tailored to their current needs.

Our new products are highly concentrated blends of biodegradable surfactants and synthetic solvents capable of wetting and removing the most tenacious deposits encountered in oil and gas pipelines. The majority of the products used by Intero are environmentally friendly and biodegradable, this will minimize the cost for waste disposal. For our Clients these products provide a cost effective and easy-to-use approach to pipeline and system cleaning.

Our extensive service portfolio enables us to bundle our services into a unique single-contractor turnkey solution contributing to efficient and safe project execution. Intero Integrity is able to support asset owners build a strategic future-ready infrastructure based on their priorities and opportunities.

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