Climate Challenges

Title Presenter Company Country Conference Year
Adapting oil & gas pipeline projects to climate change Dr. Andreas Antoniou National Technical University of Athens Greece Pipeline Technology Conference 2020
Mobile Compressor - responsible use of primary energies, avoidance of climate-harming methan emissions Christian Hadick Open Grid Europe Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
X80 Pipelines in Arctic Environment: Prediction of the Long-Distance Ductile Fracture Propagation/Arrest Dr. Alexey Gervasyev Russian Research Institute of the Tube and Pipe Industries, JSC Russia Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Smart solutions for pipeline safety after a natural disaster Dr. Gillian Kendrick Ubisense United Kingdom Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Case Study - Constructing a Gas Pipeline to The Dead Sea "The Deepest Point on Earth" Haim Mosckovich Israel Natural Gas Lines (INGL) Israel Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
Emergency Response to OSPAR Pipeline in Guaratuba - PR. Guilherme Cordeiro Petrobras Transporte S.A. - TRANSPETRO Brazil Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
Effect of Pre Corrosion by Galvanostatic Anodic Polarization and Temperature on the Formation Rate of Iron Carbonate Film Winia Farida Wood Group Integrity Management Ltd. United Kingdom Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
Quantative Assessment of Ground Cover Renaturation, Soil Degradation and Controlling Them Climate and Ground Factors Along Rights-of-Way of BTC Oil and SCP Gas Pipelines in Azerbaijan Dr. Emil Bayramov BP Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Pipeline Technology Conference 2012