The European Pipeline Research Group: Recent Research Activities Directed Towards Improved Pipeline Safety and Reliability
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Dr. Gerhard Knauf
Dr. Gerhard Knauf, Roger Howard
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The membership and organisation of the European Pipeline Research Group (EPRG) has evolved during the 35 years since it was formed, reflecting the changing patterns within both the pipe manufacturing and the pipeline operation industries in Europe. At the end of 2007, EPRG members were responsible for pipe manufacturing capacity of around 2,000,000 tonnes/year, and for over 100,000 km of operational high-pressure gas transmission pipelines spanning six European countries.

EPRG has been active in undertaking research and disseminating information relevant to pipeline safety, reliability and performance limits of both existing and new pipelines. Selected topics focus on corrosion, materials and design, are highlighted in the report describing recent technical achievements.

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