Leak Detection Compliance and Health Check
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Maximilian Ihring
Maximilian Ihring, Daniel Vogt
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Leak detection systems (LDS) have become a topic of discussion with recent regulatory updates in the oil and gas industry.

As an example, API RP documents addressing pipeline leak detection are frequently cited by numerous regulating authorities around the world to set pipeline leak detection standards and emphasize pipeline operators for follow the same.

Operators often struggle with the tremendous overhead to purchase, integrate, and manage such systems internally. And even worse, if the wrong leak detection system has been selected for the pipeline where it was applied, it ended up generating false alarms and increasing control room fatigue leading to the wrong or even no response to a real leak.

KROHNE, a global leader in LDS and industrial process instrumentation, with over 30 years of international experience in the field of leak detection, developed a program, that supports pipeline operators in selection, integration and managing their leak detection technologies, independent of their kinds and makes. With this guidance pipeline operators can assure to cover all aspects of their application in terms of computational pipeline monitoring, comply or even exceed the applicable regulations, and ensure that leak detection is managed and improved continuously throughout the lifetime of the pipeline.

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