Localization and Identification of External interference on Pipelines and Methods for Prevention
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Jens Focke
Jens Focke
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The interference from 3rd-party is recognized as the main cause for pipeline damage. Although European EGIG statistics show that European pipeline operators may feel good about the decreasing amount of failures within the last decade, prevention technologies might be beneficial to reduce costs for rehabilitation and maintenance.

Actually the industry in all parts of the world is facing the following aspects:
Increasing demand for new pipelines, to satisfy the demand for more gas and oil transports from exploration sites to the final customer is given.
Need for additional safety demands to allow continuous monitoring and short reaction times in case of alarms.
Need for additional safety demands to get building approval by local authorities.
Avoidance of sabotage activities and product theft.

Of course, future demands will much more focus on real-time-control and automated monitoring to reduce operational costs and to ensure operations under more difficult conditions. In the future the available staff on site will become reduced as well, but the safety demands need to be updated and extended in “high-consequence-areas”.
The report will introduce a sensor based acoustic technology to detect and localise third-party activities on pipelines and will show potential implementation scenarios.

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