New Ways in Research and Education: Clausthal University of Technology Joins Industry in Field Trials to Increase the Recovery of Old Oil Fields
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Prof. Dr. Kurt M. Reinicke
Prof. Dr. Kurt M. Reinicke, Leonhard Ganzer
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The Institute of Petroleum Engineering (ITE) of Clausthal University of Technology (TUC) cooperates with ExxonMobil (EMPG) to improve its academic education and provide new impulses for its research in an area important for the state of Niedersachsen: the improvement of recovery from old and even abandoned oil fields.

In the context of this cooperation between EMPG and ITE, the world’s largest petroleum company opens its files to give ITE access to data from MEEG and BEB of some of its oil fields in the area of Steimbke/Rodewald, some 20 km east of Nienburg. For the fields production licenses have been granted by the Landesbergamt (mining authority), allowing a re-development of the fields

Using the real field data, the students learn how an oil field is explored, evaluated, modeled developed and produced. Students will generate plans on how to re-develop the abandoned fields with modern technology to get more oil out of the ground. The real data are also meant to provide decisive impulses for ITE research, in particular in the area of drilling technology and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).

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