Luna Innovations

United States

Luna Innovations is proud of our rich tradition of working in close collaboration with customers to develop the products that meet and exceed our clients’ needs for sensing, test & measurement, monitoring, and control solutions. This heritage stems from a series of in-house technology innovations and acquisitions - Micron Optics (2018), General Photonics (2019) OptaSense (2020), LIOS (2022), and Silixa (2023).

Our rich heritage in fiber-optic sensing, signal processing and continuous research and development, keeps us on the leading edge of sensing technology. We are proud to have been at the forefront of numerous industry milestones — the world’s first Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) pipeline leak detection, the world’s first DAS downhole acquisition project, the world’s first DAS downhole seismic acquisition, and the world’s largest fiber-sensing pipeline monitoring project.

Benefits of using our systems to monitor your pipeline include:
- One system, multiple value streams
- Multi-threat detection
- Lower install costs
- Flexible design
- Intrusion monitoring
- Ground movement monitoring

Our pipeline monitoring solution eliminates issues by delivering a system that performs under transient, slack-line, and multi-phase flow conditions. Even when critical pipeline infrastructure goes offline, this fiber-based system ensures continuous and reliable real-time event detection, classification and location.