Intero Integrity Services is the world’s only inspection, industrial and environmental services specialist to combine innovative technologies, critical insights, state-of-the-art equipment and advanced data management with a streamlined project approach.

We utilize insightful techniques with innovative inspections and industrial technologies to ensure you have the best solutions for accurate and reliable data at your disposal, enabling you to reduce project time, risk and cost. We make it our business to optimize the workable space of your assets, delivering maximum performance, maximum protection and maximum predictability.

Using innovative industry solutions and expert knowledge, Intero is proud to bring you the very best services in supporting operations in all key energy hubs.

In short, we know your space.

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All previous conference papers from this company:
Topic Presenter Conference
The Impact of Tetherless Robotic Inspections on the Future of Pipeline Maintenance and Integrity Programs Rod Lee Pipeline Technology Conference 2022
What’s your purpose? Reusing gas infrastructure for Hydrogen transportation and storage! Winifred Meester Pipeline Technology Conference 2022
Long Distance Inline Inspection of an Unpiggable Natural Gas Pipeline with Robotic Technology Dr. Roderick Lee Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Cost-effective ultrasonic inspection of large diameter pipelines: technology update and case study. Ries Augustijn Pipeline Technology Conference 2020
Case studies for intelligent pigging of 'unpiggable' offshore pipelines Edwin Rosier Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Depth of Cover, is my pipeline at risk ? Hans Overdijkink Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
The Piglet System L.J. Hans Gruitroij Pipeline Technology Conference 2007