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Title Presenter Company Conference
A Pipeline Inspection Case Study: Design improvements on a New Generation UT In-line Inspection Crack Tool Mark J. Slaughter United Kingdom Weatherford Pipeline & Specialty Services Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
A Practical Example of Implementing a GIS-based Pipeline Management System Magnus Achtermann Germany ONTRAS Gastransport Pipeline Technology Conference 2010
A Proposal Procedure to Estimate the Hydrogen Induced Cracking Growth Rate Jorge Luis González Velázquez Mexico National polytechnic Institute Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
A Review on Acoustical Leak Detection Systems based on Four Criteria in API RP 1130 Dr. David Wee Yang Khoo Singapore National Metrology Centre (NMC), Agency for Science Technology and Research (A*STAR) Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
A Shared Model for Technology Development Laboratory Arthur Jorge de Freitas Braga Brazil CTDUT - Pipeline Technology Center Pipeline Technology Conference 2010
A Simulation Strategy to Ensure Pipeline Integrity Dr. Filip Van den Abeele Belgium Arcelor Mittal Global R&D Gent Pipeline Technology Conference 2010
A smart decision-support GIS-based tool for the optimization of pipeline routing taking into consideration the potential geohazards Dr. Prodromos Psarropoulos Greece National Technical University of Athens Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
A System Based Approach For Achieving Long Term Facility Integrity Wytze Sloterdijk Netherlands KEMA Nederland Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
A system for addressing the challenge of circumferential Stress Corrosion Cracking. Roland Palmer-Jones United Kingdom MACAW Engineering Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
A Variety of Trenchless Technologies for Pipeline installation Michael Lubberger Germany Herrenknecht Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
AC Interference Case Study: Predicting effects and mitigating risks to pipelines with close proximity to wind power feeder and transmission line networks Joey Gallant United Kingdom Aegion Corrpro Companies Europe Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Achieve Optimum Benefits from Field Verifications through Successful Operator - Vendor Cooperation Sayan Pipatpan Germany NDT Global Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Achievement of Long-Term Reliability for Pipeline Systems Holger Hennerkes Switzerland ROSEN Group Pipeline Technology Conference 2007
Achieving Traceability of Material and Construction Quality in Real Time on Pipeline Construction Projects Abhay Chand India Petro IT Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Advanced Assessment of Pipeline Integrity Using ILI Data Dan Revelle United States Quest Integrity Group Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
Advanced Methods For Optimization Of Composite Repair Technologies Matthew A. Green United States NRI (Neptune Research) Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Advanced Onshore Pipeline Anchoring Optimisation Elie Dib United Kingdom INTECSEA UK Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Advanced Pipeline Inspection Utilizing Ultrasound: Special Applications Dr. Michael Beller Germany NDT Global Pipeline Technology Conference 2007
Advancement of EMAT Inline Inspection Technology for Pipeline Integrity Management Stephan Tappert United States Baker Hughes Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
Advances in Feature Identification using Tri-Axial MFL Sensor Technology Frank Sander Canada BJ Pipeline Inspection Service Pipeline Technology Conference 2008


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