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Paper and Abstract Database
Title Presenter Company Country Part of the proceedings of Tags
Advances in Mechanical Damage Management Martin Fingerhut Applus+ Netherlands Pipeline Technology Conference 2011 Inline Inspection, Direct Assessment
Advancing CO2 Pipeline Safety: Innovative Predictive Approaches and their Application in On- and Offshore Ductile Fracture Assessment Philipp Marx OTH Regensburg Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2024 Carbon Dioxide Transport
AGIFAMOR – Application of distributed acoustic and fibre optic sensors for continuous monitoring of pipes Dr. Franziska Baensch BAM Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2017 Leak Detection, Fiber Optic Sensing
AI-based welding process monitoring for quality control in large-diameter pipe manufacturing Dr. Sergej Gook Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology IPK Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2024 Welding
AIMI - Airborne Intelligent Monitoring of Infrastructures Dirk Schmidt Thyssengas Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2022 Monitoring
Air Monitoring project – enhanced pipeline monitoring Vincent Fournier AIR MARINE France Pipeline Technology Conference 2016 Remote Sensing, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Air-based pipeline survey in cultivated fields Edvards Likovskis EMPIT Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2024 Monitoring
Airborne automatic oil leak detection - A novel approach Eric Bergeron FlyScan Systems Canada Pipeline Technology Conference 2016 Remote Sensing, Leak Detection, Oil
Airborne Gas Remote Detection – Techniques and Procedure Dr. Axel Scherello Open Grid Europe Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2014 Remote Sensing, Leak Detection
Alkali resistance of coatings? Will tests of cathodic disbondment provide reliable statements to this question? Dr. Thomas Löffler DENSO Group Germany Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2022 Corrosion
It is all about the roughness Dinko Cudic MontiPower Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2019 Coating
Alternating Current Field Measurement Inducer Design for ILI of Pipelines Dr. Wenpei Zheng China University of Petroleum, Beijing China Pipeline Technology Conference 2017 Inline Inspection
An Alternative Method for Dimensioning of Line Pipe for Pipeline Projects Gunther Kuhn TÜV SÜD Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2011 Planning and Design, Safety
Analysis and Trend Estimation of Geometry Defects and Metal Losses in the Pipeline Wall Based on UT Intelligent Pig Inspection Dr. Pawel Raczynski CDRiA Pipeline Services Poland Pipeline Technology Conference 2014 Inline Inspection
Analysis of failure causes of pipelines transporting dangerous substances Dr. Rikkert Hansler RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment Netherlands Pipeline Technology Conference 2011 Planning and Design, Risk Management, Safety
Analysis of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties Patching Result on Flowline Pipe Ari Antono Kondur Petroleum Indonesia Pipeline Technology Conference 2013 Repair Works, Welding
Analysis of Temporary Wooden Cribbing Blocks for Pipe Support Dr. Diego D'Alberto Saipem Italy Pipeline Technology Conference 2017 Construction
Analysis of the Long-term Effects of Maintenance Strategies Dr. Raúl Trujillo Álvarez S&P Consult Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2006 Asset Management, Life Cycle Extension Strategies
Analytic Derivation and Validation of a Probabilistic Corrosion Growth Model Megan Scudder OneBridge Solutions United States Pipeline Technology Conference 2024 Inline Inspection, Corrosion
Anchoring systems in offshore environment Dr. Prodromos Psarropoulos National Technical University of Athens Greece Pipeline Technology Conference 2024 Offshore
Anomalies in the neighborhood: exploring the feasibility of a k-nearest neighbors classifier to match anomalies reported by consecutive in-line inspections Semyon Bokhankevich T.D. Williamson United States Pipeline Technology Conference 2023 Inline Inspection, Integrity Management
Anticipating bunkering events: notable cases evidence using Vibroacoustic Leak Detection Technology to detect precursors. Marco Marino Enivibes Italy Pipeline Technology Conference 2019 Leak Detection, Illegal Tapping
Applicable Norms and Required Improvements for CO2 Pipelines Christian Heinz ILF Consulting Engineers Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2009 Standards and Regulations, Carbon Dioxide Transport
Application and validation of FMC 2D ultrasonic imaging for CRA girth weld inspection Dr. Niels Portzgen Applus+ Netherlands Pipeline Technology Conference 2023 Materials
Application Of Artificial Intelligence Methods On Realtime Laser Backscatter Data Richard Vogel Technische Universität Chemnitz Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2018 Monitoring