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Paper and Abstract Database
Title Presenter Company Country Part of the proceedings of Tags
BIL- Germany`s approach to implement a cost-free digging request portal Jens Focke BIL - Federal German Construction Enquiry Portal Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2016 Third Party Impact, Construction, Safety
BIL - A Shift of Paradigm for Construction Inquiries Jens Focke BIL - Federal German Construction Enquiry Portal Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2017 Construction, Third Party Impact
Biogas into the natural gas grid: Challenges for the design, construction and operation of biogas feeding plants Steffen Wiedmer ONTRAS Gastransport Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2014 Biogas, Planning and Design, Construction
Black Powder, its Causes and Cures Peter van Beugen PIPESURVEY INTERNATIONAL Netherlands Pipeline Technology Conference 2008 Black Powder
Black Powder Phenomenon in Gas Transmission Pipelines MuhammadAli Trabulsi Saudi Aramco Saudi Arabia Pipeline Technology Conference 2007 Black Powder
Blending hydrogen into existing gas grid: opportunities and challenges for pipeline e-motor compressor system design Thomas Alban Baker Hughes United States Pipeline Technology Conference 2020 Compressor Stations, Hydrogen
BP-IPLOCA: Novel Construction Methods - A Business Case for Innovation Luc Henriod IPLOCA - International Pipe Line & Offshore Contractors Association Switzerland Pipeline Technology Conference 2006 Construction
Brent Bypass Phase 1 Project – The success story so far Dr. Cliff Ho Shell UK United Kingdom Pipeline Technology Conference 2019 Offshore, Planning and Design
Bridges as critical part of pipeline infrastructure shown by the example of rain and wastewater. Andreas Perndorfer POLOPLAST Austria Pipeline Technology Conference 2023 Plastic Pipes
Building the Fluid Highways of the future - the Long Pipes, Fluid Highway, development program so far Neil Graham Long Pipes Australia Pipeline Technology Conference 2015 Construction, Materials
Building a Web App that uses models to predict optimal future gas network states for managing nominations and equipment outages Christopher Davison DNV Norway Pipeline Technology Conference 2022 Digitalization
Buried Pipeline Inspection By Non-Contact Magnetic Tomography Method (MTM) - A Non-Intrusive Inspection Technology Choong Meng Lam PETRONAS Malaysia Pipeline Technology Conference 2021 Corrosion, Inline Inspection, Integrity Management
Business and operational improvements from integrating pipeline scheduling and operating systems. Paul Dickerson Emerson United Kingdom Pipeline Technology Conference 2020 Operational Improvements
Cable-less TV-Inspection of Pipelines with Integrated Leak Detection Michael Huainig MTA Messtechnik Austria Pipeline Technology Conference 2016 Leak Detection
Calculation of a laser-scan-like 3D defect profile from conventional MFL Data (for more-accurate defect assessment and prediction of safe operating pressure) Johannes Otto Emil Palmer ROSEN Group Switzerland Pipeline Technology Conference 2020 Inline Inspection
Capabilities of MFL Inspection in DUPLEX Steel Pipelines Hendrik Aue ROSEN Group Switzerland Pipeline Technology Conference 2010 Inline Inspection
Capitalizing on Data As An Asset Monique Roberts PODS - Pipeline Open Data Standards Association United States Pipeline Technology Conference 2023 Inline Inspection, Integrity Management
Carbon dioxide pipelines: Addressing the challenges using pipeline simulation tools Garry Hanmer Atmos International United Kingdom Pipeline Technology Conference 2024 Carbon Dioxide Transport
Carbon Dioxide Transport in Pipelines - Under Special Consideration of Safety-Related Aspects Dr. Klaus-Dieter Kaufmann ILF Consulting Engineers Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2008 Carbon Dioxide Transport, Safety
Case of External Corrosion and HVAC interference risk evaluation using a pipeline software based PIMS and Direct Assessment Dr. Saumitra Shankar Gupta Indian Oil Corporation India Pipeline Technology Conference 2021 Digitalization, Inline Inspection, Qualification and Recruitment
Case History in Optimization of Crude Oil Pumping Through an Accessed Point on a Strategic Pipeline Hesham A. M. Abdou Agiba Petroleum Company Egypt Pipeline Technology Conference 2015 Pump Stations, Drag Reducing Agents, Oil
Case studies for intelligent pigging of 'unpiggable' offshore pipelines Edwin Rosier Intero Integrity Netherlands Pipeline Technology Conference 2019 Corrosion, Inline Inspection, Integrity Management, Offshore
Case Study on Block Valve Power Supply with Fuel Cells Markus Muench Sunfire Fuel Cells Germany Pipeline Technology Conference 2023 Valves & Fittings
Case Study: Complex inspections of an oxygen pipeline system using Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) during shutdown periods Jochen Ahlers Baker Hughes United States Pipeline Technology Conference 2023 Inline Inspection, Integrity Management
Case Study - Constructing a Gas Pipeline to The Dead Sea "The Deepest Point on Earth" Haim Mosckovich Israel Natural Gas Lines (INGL) Israel Pipeline Technology Conference 2012 Construction, Planning and Design, Climate Challenges, Geohazards