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Title Presenter Company Conference
Application of stochastic aging models to increase asset value profit for urban infrastructures  Dr. Robert Stein Germany S&P Consult Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Applied Integrity Management – Highlighting Business Process Improvement Evident Within Class Leading Programmes Bill Rees United Kingdom PIMS of London Ltd Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
Apply Non Destructive Testing for Assessment Hydrogen Cracking in Joining Procedure of Split Tee to Pipeline in Hot Tapping Meysam Rasooly Iran National Iranian Gas Company Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Applying an Industry 4.0 philosophy to pipeline integrity, the future beyond digitalisation. Aidan Charlton United Kingdom Penspen Pipeline Technology Conference 2020
Applying Offshore Pipe-in-Pipe Technologies on Onshore Projects Pierre Ollier France ITP InTerPipe Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Approach to assessing Pipeline Displacements Dr. Ulrich Marewski Germany OGE Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
Approval Procedures and Technical Rules for Pipelines in Germany Christian Engel Germany TÜV NORD Pipeline Technology Conference 2009
Aspects of Modern Corrosion Protective Coating Technology Michael Schad Germany DENSO Pipeline Technology Conference 2007
Assessing Repeat ILI Data Using Signal-To-Signal Comparison Techniques Jane Dawson United States Baker Hughes Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Assessment and treatment of earthquake-related geohazards threatening offshore gas pipelines in the Mediterranean sea Dr. Andreas Antoniou Greece National Technical University of Greece Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Assessment of Corroded Pipelines Based on Pigging Data Joachim Lücking Germany TÜV NORD Pipeline Technology Conference 2007
Assessment of Seam integrity of an aging petroleum pipeline constructed with Low Frequency ERW line pipes J.P. Sinha India Indian Oil Corporation Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
Asset Integrity Management - a Risk Based Approach Dave Oesterholt Norway DNV Pipeline Technology Conference 2014
Asset Integrity Management and the Dilemma of maintenance planning Christoph Schmidt Norway DNV Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Asset Management and Loss Prevention Strategies for Large Diameter Pipelines Pedro Pina Canada Pure Technologies Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Asset Management of High Pressure Installations: Project GRAID - an innovation project to develop a robotics system for internal inspection of buried pipework Gary Senior United Kingdom Pipeline Integrity Engineers Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Assuring the Integrity of Subsea Pipeline Butt Welds through Design, Construction and Operational Life. Harry Cotton United Kingdom Wood Group Kenny Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
ATEX Compliant Provision of In-Line Inspection Services Thomas Beuker Switzerland ROSEN Group Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
Attaining lasting Corrosion Prevention for the lifetime of the asset Dinko Cudic Netherlands Seal For Life Industries Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Audacia Conversion Project Tjomme van Norden Netherlands Allseas Engineering Pipeline Technology Conference 2009


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ptc conference proceedings are included in the catalog of "TIB", the German National Library of Science and Technology.