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Title Presenter Company Conference
Asset Management of High Pressure Installations: Project GRAID - an innovation project to develop a robotics system for internal inspection of buried pipework Gary Senior United Kingdom Pipeline Integrity Engineers Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Assuring the Integrity of Subsea Pipeline Butt Welds through Design, Construction and Operational Life. Harry Cotton United Kingdom Wood Group Kenny Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
ATEX Compliant Provision of In-Line Inspection Services Thomas Beuker Switzerland ROSEN Group Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
Attaining lasting Corrosion Prevention for the lifetime of the asset Dinko Cudic Netherlands Seal For Life Industries Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Audacia Conversion Project Tjomme van Norden Netherlands Allseas Engineering Pipeline Technology Conference 2009
Automated Small Leak Detection from Hazardous Liquid Pipelines Using Multi-Platform Remote Sensing Maria Araujo United States Southwest Research Institute Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Automated sub-water surveys in shallow water environments Lothar Kreutzwald Germany P-Systems Pipeline Services GmbH Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Automation and Security Systems for Pipelines Sanjeev Sinha Germany Siemens Pipeline Technology Conference 2006
Avoiding Future Pipeline Failures by Detecting, Identifying, and Prioritizing Mechanical Damage Chuck Harris United States T.D. Williamson Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Axial strain capacity of line pipe subjected to combined loading conditions - An experimental approach in full-scale dimension: LiSA Dr. Steffen Zimmermann Germany Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Balancing the Electric Grid with a Dual Drive Centrifugal Pipeline Compressor Dr. Stefan Stollenwerk Germany OGE Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Behind Closed Doors: Pipeline Closures Revisited Alan Morton United States T.D. Williamson Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Benchmarking Oil and Gas Pipeline Operations Roger Holden United Kingdom Solomon Associates Pipeline Technology Conference 2007
Benefits of a holistic water and drainage information system Malte Martin Germany Barthauer Software Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
BERG-LAY®: A New Production Method for CRA Lined Steel Pipe Based on Sheet Metal Dr. Ulrich Schnaut Germany Bergrohr Pipeline Technology Conference 2009
Best Practices for Cybersecurity Diagnosis in Industrial Environments Ernesto Landa Peru COGA - Compañía Operadora de Gas del Amazonas Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Better Data: Methodologies and Best-Practices for Achieving Higher Quality Inspection Results Ron Maurier United States Quest Integrity Group Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Between a rock and a hard place: Transmission system operators in the context of legal obligation and public perception. The case of SuedLink. Thomas Wagner Germany TenneT TSO Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Beyond 3D: Extending life of subsea assets by applying advanced simulation and prediction Dr. Pawel Michalak Australia Fugro Roames Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
BIL - A Shift of Paradigm for Construction Inquiries Jens Focke Germany BIL - Federal German Construction Enquiry Portal Pipeline Technology Conference 2017


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ptc conference proceedings are included in the catalog of "TIB", the German National Library of Science and Technology.