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Title Presenter Company Conference
An Alternative Method for Dimensioning of Line Pipe for Pipeline Projects Gunther Kuhn Germany TÜV SÜD Industrie Service Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
An Increasing Concern - Third Party Interference Damage On Buried Pipelines. An European Case Study Yannick Joubeaux France OVERPIPE Pipeline Technology Conference 2020
An Innovative Design for Lateral Pipes in Sewer Systems Alaa Abbas United Kingdom Liverpool John Moores University Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
An Innovative New Technology for Trenchless Rehabilitation of High Pressure Gas/Liquid Transmission Pipelines Dr. Melvin F. Kanninen United States Smart Pipe Corporation Pipeline Technology Conference 2008
An innovative pipeline integrity management approach for the SCC threat Audrey Guion France TRAPIL Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
An Innovative Technology Utilizing Non-Contact Magnetic Tomography Method For Underwater Inspection Raja Zahirudinbin Raja Ismail Malaysia PETRONAS Carigali Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
An Innovative, Alternative Solution for Onshore Pipeline Contractors Bernhard Quereillahc Germany Volvo Construction Equipment Pipeline Technology Conference 2008
An Integrated Approach to Integrity for the Un-Piggable Pipe: New Inline and External Techniques Dr. Chukwuma Candidus Onuoha Canada PureHM Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
An Investigation Into How To Optimize The Effect Of Drag Reducing Agents On The Flowrate And Pressure In Single Phase Fluid Pipelines Ahmad Mamoun Y. Naffa'a Saudi Arabia Saudi Aramco Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Analysis and Trend Estimation of Geometry Defects and Metal Losses in the Pipeline Wall Based on UT Intelligent Pig Inspection Dr. Pawel Raczynski Poland CDRiA Pipeline Services Pipeline Technology Conference 2014
Analysis of failure causes of pipelines transporting dangerous substances Dr. Rikkert Hansler Netherlands RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
Analysis of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties Patching Result on Flowline Pipe Ari Antono Indonesia Kondur Petroleum Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Analysis of Temporary Wooden Cribbing Blocks for Pipe Support Dr. Diego D'Alberto Italy Saipem Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Analysis of the Long-term Effects of Maintenance Strategies Dr. Raúl Trujillo Álvarez Germany S&P Consult Pipeline Technology Conference 2006
Anticipating bunkering events: notable cases evidence using Vibroacoustic Leak Detection Technology to detect precursors. Marco Marino Italy SolAres (Solgeo / Aresys) Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Applicable Norms and Required Improvements for CO2 Pipelines Christian Heinz Germany ILF Consulting Engineers Pipeline Technology Conference 2009
Application of 3D Laser Method for Corrosion Assessment of Oil&Gas pipelines and pressure components Christophe Piron Canada CREAFORM Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Application Of Artificial Intelligence Methods On Realtime Laser Backscatter Data Richard Vogel Germany Technische Universität Chemnitz Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Application of high pressure injection method in the vicinity of pipelines Dr. Annett Bartscher-Hartmann Germany TAL Group Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Application of risk based methodology to onshore & offshore pipelines Dr. Gundula Stadie-Frohbös Germany Germanischer Lloyd SE Pipeline Technology Conference 2013


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